Home Theater Installation

At CC Plus of Conroe, we have built our business on the business principle of quality customer Service. Our knowledge of the installation of high-end car, truck and boat accessories is paralleled by our ability to provide you with a custom home theater system that is far above that of any local retailer. We install and tune high quality home audio and video systems the same way we do with you vehicle, with great care and attention to detail.

Because CC Plus will come to your home to install your home theater system, we are able to assist you in choosing the system that is right for you and will produce the quality sound you’re looking for.

We are experts in the design and installation of home theater rooms, and have built some of the finest in Montgomery County, Texas. We have everything covered, and are more than equipped to assist you in choosing the right Home Theater for your living room or custom theater room.

CC Plus of Conroe offers an extensive line of home theater and entertainment services that include design as well as complete home theater rooms that are customized to your specifications. Our intricate knowledge of home entertainment ensures that you will you’ll get the ideal system for your Montgomery County home. We are trained professionals with the right equipment to make sure that your home entertainment experience is the best it can be.

Buying from a local retailer doesn’t get you true home theater or entertainment services. And how much confidence do you really have in theater system that has only been seen and heard on a show room floor? All Home Theater systems are not the same. The quality of its sound depends on a lot of varying factors like the shape and size of the room, how the furniture is arranged, the type and texture of the walls, ambient noise and ceiling height, and that’s just a few. Your home theater system must be assessed in your home to ensure quality. When you buy home theater services from CC Plus of Conroe you can rest assured that your system will meet your expectations!

Call us today, and we’ll show you the way to great Home Entertainment!

We’ll come to your home and the initial consultation is free!

We use the following manufacturers for all of our home theater products:

Our Brands

Audiovox Bazooka JVC Pioneer
Proficient Soundworks Mirage
Sony Samsung Infinity
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